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The paintings of Mathieu Arfouillaud

Mathieu Arfouillaud is a French painter who lives in both Paris and Dinard (Brittany). He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at the Sorbonne and started painting in 2015. In his work, he explores the banal and harmless universes of suburbs, provincial houses and roadsides. The landscapes he paints enter into an ambivalent dialogue: reassuring settings do so with houses and hostile forests and filthy urban areas with protective nature.

In his «Terres gastes» series, the landscapes are disturbed by colorful brush strokes; the subject is distorted, the image distracted. They break through daily life, disrupt the flat surface of habits and parasitize on the anesthetic certainties.

His latest series, «écrans», combines landscapes and screens. Glitches and test screens are mixed with trees and roads. Semi-abstract compositions are built with this. The landscapes are like bugs, there is something wrong with the settings and they need to be fixed.