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  • mathieu-arfouillaud-00

    The paintings of Mathieu Arfouillaud

    Mathieu Arfouillaud is a French painter who lives in both Paris and Dinard (Brittany). He obtained a Bachelor’s degree…

  • Jon-Fox-00

    High energy paintings of Jon Fox

    Artist Jon Fox produces paintings, illustrations and drawings. The worlds he creates are manifestations of his own meditative thoughts…

  • Pao-Leng-Kung-00

    Taiwan Artist Pao-Leng Kung

    Pao-Leng Kung is a Taiwan artist living in Londen. She’s currently doing her Masters in Painting at the Royal…

  • KarenMauchPhotography2018(c)

    Painter Won Seok Chang

    Painter Won Seok Chang is a South Korean artist living in Philadelphia. This recently graduated artist makes his work…

  • mircea-teleaga-01

    The paintings of Mircea Teleagă

    Painter Mircea Teleagă was born in 1989 in Radauti, Romania. His paintings depict relatable forms and architectural tropes where…

  • mareorodriguez-00

    Artist Mareo Rodriguez

    Mareo Rodriguez is a sculptor and a painter based in Barcelona. His work is filled with the grittiness of…

  • Minyoung Choi-00

    The Art of Minyoung Choi

    Minyoung Choi is a London based artist. Her work has a dreamlike quality that could easily be set in…

  • Damien-Cadio-00

    Painter Damien Cadio

    Damien Cadio (1975, Mont Saint-Aigan) has a classical point of view when it comes to painting. It’s easy to…

  • Fleur-Helluin_00

    Portfolio: Artist Fleur Helluin

    French artist Fleur Helluin has some amazing work. Her practice is focused on painting, but also incorporates performance, installation…

  • neo-rauch00

    Neo Rauch in De Fundatie

    Neo Rauch (Leipzig, 1960) is één van de belangrijkste kunstenaars van dit moment. Om die reden heeft Museum de…