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REALmag. Magazine #5

REALmag. Magazine #5


REALmag. Magazine #5 Gelukszoekers en Dwaalgasten

Is not the search for happiness what drives us all in this life? And is not the likelihood that we will eventually find that happiness as big as the risk of getting lost along the way?
These are questions that we do not have a ready answer to. Staying at home is not an option, we have to go out. So we look for special people and beautiful stories. We descend into the darkness of our unconscious brain. Talk to a Belgian psychiatrist about the usefulness of unhappiness. Consult with artists who flee the war in their homeland or seek inspiration in foreign countries. We take a look at the world of lost birds and follow the Maas downstream to its destination. Is the sea the happiness that the water is looking for? (! written in Dutch)

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