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Job Bos – ‘of least resistance’

We saw the work of art graduate Job Bos at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and were immediately intrigued by it. His art has a temporary flavour to it, with a touch of youthful rebellion. It seems like he makes art of the process of labour, such as painting a house or construction work, where it is not clear right away what you are looking at. Are we observing an abandoned construction site where the workers just left for their coffee break?
You can ask why this is interesting. We don’t know exactly for sure. But somehow we couldn’t stop watching it. Bos explains that he makes intervals that arise from a sceptic but inquisitive attitude towards ‘making’. His work remains in transition and in his eyes the ‘objects’ just ended up here.

In one of his videos people are ‘painting’ concrete columns from a building with, what looks like, water. It seems like a useless activity where just the act of the labour is highlighted. Maybe that is what his art is about: the triviality of every day work and the temporal nature of the world. We are curious where his work is headed. We keep you posted!