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1. Who are you?

  • We are an organization that considers it important that as many artists and designers as possible have a place in the spotlight. We do this through an online shop and an online magazine.

2. What do you do?

  • We select interesting artists and designers that we want to give a place in our shop. These may be just graduated artists or designers, but also more established ones. We think it is important that art gets an audience and that that audience has the opportunity to purchase it for a reasonable price.

3. Why do you do that?

  • Everyone has the right to have art above his couch that is beautiful. It's important to us that you buy something special. Something exclusive, which many other people don't have. And we want to introduce you to art that you might never encounter. Art that may not always be completely accessible, but that does not have to a problem, right? this way you can all of a sudden come across something that you like, which you did not know you liked. Think of it as a quest with pleasant surprises. This is how we live: we are always looking for beauty.

4. How do you do that?

  • We look for artists or designers who appeal to us. We do this by surfing a lot online, but also by going for a walk and attending graduation exhibitions of art academies, art fairs or gallery events. We therefore are always looking for new and beautiful works to offer on our site. We are logically also open to artists who sign up. We even encourage this! The more the better.

5. Why affordable art?

  • Because we think it is important that art is accessible. And also that it does not have to be expensive. That is why we have introduced the rule that we sell art that doesn't cost more than fifteen hundred euros.

6. How do you mediate?

  • We have no work in our possession. We are only a mediator. So when you order a work of art from us, we will immediately forward this assignment to the artist, who will then send the work to you. In exceptional cases it is possible that a work of art is no longer in the possession of the artist and we can no longer deliver it. That can sometimes happen. If this occurs we will logically take care of a suitable work in its place. Of course, refund is also possible.

7. What is the delivery time?

  • That differs per item. But because it are exclusive products you have to take into account that it can take a little longer than at an average online shop. We want it all to be well organized before it is sent. Go from an average of two weeks (sometimes faster and sometimes a bit longer). But afterwards you are logically a satisfied customer with a beautiful and exclusive art object that you can add to your collection.