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Artist Seungwon Jung

Seungwon Jung

Seungwon Jung (b.1992, Seoul) is interested in how our perception situates time in relation to space. Printing fragmented photographic images onto fabric, she uses this as a surface upon which to work into, apply onto and remove from. Starting with a completely printed length of fabric, she then submits this to a series of repeated gestures of erasure and reconfiguration, including de-threading, unpicking, rethreading and reconfiguring. As a result, images are transformed by deconstruction more often than by application.

For Jung, the empty space within the physical fabric can become as important as any descriptive visual information, as it is through these that she considers the gaps in our consciousness and memories. By removing threads from the fabric, she references the neurological process of forgetting and memory loss, and the imperfect nature of what is left behind.

Jung’s wider practice includes sculptural fabric works and photographs transformed into a wide range of textiles. She is also interested in the intersections at which coding and digital language meets craft and more traditional processes.

Jung is based in London, where she recently completed her MFA degree in Fine Art Media at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. She also holds a BFA Fine Art Photography from Chung-Ang University, South Korea.


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