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Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer is primarily a painter, working with egg tempera that he produces himself. He applies several thin glazing layers onto the canvas. The combination of this layering and the use of oil paint creates a depth that allows the viewer to enter the art work.
Inspired by the Neo Romantic movement in painting, and by the work of philosopher Slavoj Žižek, Peter de Boer’s paintings express the longing for a return to simplicity and nature: endorsing sustainable living, organic produce and fair trade, while at the same time acknowledging and accepting our cultivated modern surroundings.
Peter de Boer’s paintings present serene and dreamy landscapes, filled with detail and specks of light. Recurring elements in his work are tents, huts, caravans and treehouses; these places can be associated with protection, survival and safety, but at the same time carry a sense of childhood adventure, curiosity and exploration. The same versatility can be seen in other recurring themes: the icebears, being both endearing and dangerous; and the surf scenes, representing sports and playfulness, but also heightened consciousness and awareness of nature.


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