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Artist Minyoung Choi

Minyoung Choi

Minyoung Choi is an artist who focuses on painting. Her work shows a mind which observes its surroundings. It is the quiet voice which has mixed and varied feelings about what it sees around it, almost like a nostalgic or innocent observer. Choi frequently derives her motifs from found images or rough drawings she makes herself. She is concerned with painterly gestures and the narratives she builds up while actually in the process of painting.

While some of her previous works reveal obviously imagined fairytale-like situations, anthropomorphic animals, symbolic images, primitive instincts and playful figures, recent paintings clearly show her attraction to more current and real surroundings. The combination of ordinary objects in her paintings she frequently uses – i.e. a laptop, electronic gadgets, ornaments, stationary and so on – induces a meditative state to the observer. It becomes clear that Choi is evoking elements of her previous works and includes them more subtly in these new daily scenes. This makes for a much more surreal experience as where the fantastic is not a dominant presence but more of a subdued feeling.


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