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Artist Fleur Helluin

Fleur Helluin

Fleur Helluin studied under the direction of Gilian Gelzer and Joel Hubaut in Caen, France, and Norbert Bisky in Salzburg, Austria. She was also part of the academic program Art & Technology of the Image in University Paris 8.
Since 2004, her work explores the impact of the screen-based culture on contemporary figure. Her representational works incorporate the rich features linked to the use of the screen (light, posture, online vocabulary) to traditional oil painting. Through the representation of the contemporary figure, she sheds a new light on the paradoxal mechanisms of the perception of ourselves and the world, engaging strongly with the present.
The archaeological methodology and sites are another engine for her work in this direction.
Her practice is focused on painting, and incorporates performance, installation and sound experiments. Her works have been shown with Bill Viola, Norbert Bisky, Damien Cadio, or Cécile Wesolowski.
Since 2006, she lives between Berlin, Germany and Normandy, France.
In 2005 she founded the alternative dance-punk band Plateau Repas with Marianne Jacquet and Valentin Plessy. Still active in 2017, Plateau Repas is regularly programed in european alternative clubs.


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