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Dieter Volkers

A collection of daily, seemingly worthless objects are the basis for designer Dieter Volkers for designing his products. He places existing products in a new environment, creating new applications. He likes to experiment and recycle the existing application of an [..].

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Jeroen Hoenselaar

Jeroen Hoenselaar is specialised in charcoal/pencil drawings, writing, photography and video. By sawing at the legs of the standard philosophical and scientific notions, Hoenselaar repudiates the believe in absolute truths; he makes his work in the uncertainty of scientific [..]

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Nieck Bakker

Nieck Bakker is a photographer, graphic artist and designer. In his photography he searches the urbanity of our world and gets inspiration from other photographers such as Ralph Gibson. In his collages there is a social-critical undertone that we have also seen in the [..]

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Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer is primarily a painter, working with egg tempera that he produces himself. He applies several thin glazing layers onto the canvas. The combination of this layering and the use of oil paint creates a depth that allows the viewer to enter the art work [..]

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Jasper Nederlof

The work of Jasper Nederlof exists in a variety of areas. Everything he covers is interesting to him; is it not in the loneliness of the landscape, the social aspect of portrait photography or the 'hunt' in reportage work. He tries to find a good balance in committee [..]

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Fieke van Berkom

Photographer Fieke van Berkom regularly travels around the world for long periods of time to work on her photo documentaries. In between her travels she works on conceptual work from her studio in Eindhoven. These works are often reactions to what she [..]

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Anjès Gesink

Photographer Anjès Gesink works as a volunteer at Vogelklas Karel Schot, where sick, injured and young birds are treated in the city and in the vicinity of Rotterdam. As a photographer Anjès is very inspired by this place. Since November 2012 she not [..]

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