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  • mathieu-arfouillaud-00

    The paintings of Mathieu Arfouillaud

    Mathieu Arfouillaud is a French painter who lives in both Paris and Dinard (Brittany). He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at the Sorbonne…

  • 000-artthehague-00

    Art The Hague 2019

    Art The Hague is a yearly contemporary art fair. It shows the work of galleries from The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and even some…

  • seungwon-jung_00

    Artist Seungwon Jung

    Londonbased artist Seungwon Jung (1992, Seoul) is interested in how our perception situates time in relation to space. She prints…

  • Jon-Fox-00

    High energy paintings of Jon Fox

    Artist Jon Fox produces paintings, illustrations and drawings. The worlds he creates are manifestations of his own meditative thoughts and…

  • Pao-Leng-Kung-00

    Taiwan Artist Pao-Leng Kung

    Pao-Leng Kung is a Taiwan artist living in Londen. She’s currently doing her Masters in Painting at the Royal College of Art. In her…

  • KarenMauchPhotography2018(c)

    Painter Won Seok Chang

    Painter Won Seok Chang is a South Korean artist living in Philadelphia. This recently graduated artist makes his work as if falling…

  • marijnvanderleeuw-00

    Portfolio: Marijn van der Leeuw

    At the graduation show of the Royal Academy of Art at The Hague we saw the work of Marijn van der Leeuw. It was one of the better projects…

  • banksy-auction-shred-insta-00

    Banksy shredded after £1m auction sale

    Banksy has played a prank on the art world at an auction of Sotheby’s on October 5th. After his best-known work Girl with a Balloon was sold for just…

  • The-Next-Big-Thing-00

    Documentary: The Next Big Thing

    The Dutch documentary The Next Big Thing was made by Frank van den Engel. It asks the question what the power is of contemporary art…