(X=Y) Art & Design

About us

Who are we?

(X=Y) is an online magazine focussed on contemporary art and design. The founder of the magazine is Dutch artist Jeroen Hoenselaar. He wanted to give his fellow creatives a platform to showcase their work. And also give the opportunity to sell it. In his eyes art shouldn’t have to be expensive, that’s why the art sold in his shop has an affordable pricelabel without giving in to the quality.

Point of View

The name (X=Y) derives from the philosophical theory of Identity of the non-distinctive of the philosopher Leibniz.

This 17th century thinker claims that no entity can have exactly the same characteristics as another similar entity, no matter how similar they are to each other; a snowflake will never be one hundred percent equal to another snowflake. He is of the opinion that there is no absolute equality in the world and that therefore perfect accuracy in measuring or constructing is unattainable.

Because we equate X with Y, we indicate to be open to the impossible and look into the world with an open mind.